Hotel Le Regina Warsaw

Without a doubt, one of Warsaw’s finest. Tired of cookie-cutter chain hotels? Want to speak with a person and not a courtesy call? Le Regina offers you impeccable quality and style, topped with a personal touch those big guys simply cannot fake.
Nestled on a quiet, cobbled street, sitting regally in the shade of the charming gothic Church of Our Lady, is the unforgettable Le Regina. The cool colours of the promenade fit seamlessly with the stones and bricks of the surrounding
New Town.
Inside, you are welcomed by sincere smiles and a devout dedication to detail. The creamy colours of the interior invite you to relax and let yourself be taken care of. In your trance of tranquillity you notice how strikingly, and yet subtly, modern your home away from home is.
You quickly realize that this was once a palace ­ its majestic feel still lingers in every detail.
Warsaw, the traffic, the skyscrapers all fade ­ you feel like you’re a million miles away.
Deciding on a room proves more difficult than you thought; they all possess an individual flair ­ you want to stay in them all! You decide on one of the suites. Perched on the top floor, with a beautiful wooden balcony, you observe your fellow peers mingling in the courtyard below. The sky is clear and the sun dissuades you from leaving your new favourite place ­ that swimming pool will just have to wait.
For a moment you forget what city and what century you’re in. Soon, however, your modern amenities provide a gentle reminder of the scope of luxury and convenience at your fingertips. Perhaps dinner downstairs? Perhaps a swim after all? Perhaps the balcony again...


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